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Our Brand

Daioni Organic is a leading provider of premium quality organic dairy products, based in Wales, the United Kingdom. Meaning “goodness” in Welsh, Daioni is proud to call the lush, green mountains of Wales its home.

Daioni Organic pride itself on the quality of our organic milk, from home-grown cows that freely roam the grassy climbs of West Wales. Through the combination of happy cows, fertile soils and abundant grass, Daioni has found the winning formula for delicious, flavoursome and quality milk

The Daioni Organic product ranges from fresh to UHT/long-life.  In the fresh range, we have organic milk, butter and cream.  In the UHT/long-life range, we offer both plain and flavoured milk.  Our products are sold throughout the United Kingdom and exported to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.


Our History

Daioni was founded by Laurence Harris, who has been a dairy farmer for over 40 years. The brand’s humble beginnings began with a 150-acre farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales when Laurence's mother and father started rearing dairy cows at Ffosyficer Farm in 1946.  Since taking over Ffosyficer farm – still the heart of the Daioni business – from his father in 1970, Laurence expanded the family farm to well over 3,000 acres of fertile pasture.  This provides all the home-grown grass and grain necessary to feed the Daioni Organic cows.

Over the years, Laurence became increasingly concerned about the effect that intensive agricultural practices have on human health, the environment and the well-being of his cows.

In 1999, the farm was converted to organic production. In the same year, Laurence launched the Daioni Organic Brand and started selling a suite of quality organic dairy products.  With growing demand for organic dairy around the world, Daioni Organic commenced export in 2012.

Our Milk

Daioni Organic products are all made from organic milk, produced by our own farms and other British farms registered with the Soil Association.

The Soil Association is one of the largest organic certification bodies in the United Kingdom and is regulated by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The Soil Association’s organic standards are the world’s first published organic standards and far exceed the minimum requirements set by European Union law. No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than organic farms working to the Soil Association standards.

The Soil Association carries out detailed annual audits of all farms registered with it to ensure stringent compliance with its organic standards.

In addition, Daioni Organic long-life products are now licensed by in Mainland China by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), which enable distribution and sale in Mainland China. Daioni Organic is the first British milk brand to receive such organic certification in China.