Animal Health – Organic September

Sep 3, 2021 | Blog

At Daioni Organic, we are proud to adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare, as set out by the Soil Association. Our organic cows are truly free-range, having access to outdoor grazing whenever the conditions allow – on average, more than 200 days of the year. Giving our cows more space to roam, both indoors and outdoors, helps to minimise the risk of stress and disease. We have a dedicated herdsman who is familiar with each and every cow and recognises when any intervention is needed.

A Healthy Start

We prioritise animal health from the moment our calves are born and we aim to give them the best start in life by feeding them ‘yoghurtised milk’. This is a healthier drink for our calves, full of probiotics to prevent any digestive upsets.

The Natural Way

Organic farming standards for antibiotics are particularly strict under the Soil Association. Even the most critically important antibiotics are restricted by Soil Association standards and homeopathic treatments must be prioritised. Antibiotics are only allowed when no other treatment would be effective, and they must have veterinary justification.

Truly Free Range

Diet is of course key to animal health. Organic animals are fed a completely natural and organic diet, free from any genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Our cows enjoy a nutrient-rich grass-based diet which must be from a minimum of 60% fresh or conserved grasses. We want our cows to be outside for as much time as possible – to facilitate that, we have even built a tunnel under the road that runs through our farm so that the cows can go straight out to graze after milking rather than waiting in the collecting yard. This, of course, gives them more space to move freely but is also better for their feet as they are not standing around for as long on hard ground.

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