Ffosyficer News – July 2019

Jul 5, 2019 | Blog

The months of May and June were a busy couple of months for Ffosyficer with changes happening across all enterprises within the farm. Although we are known for our organic dairy herd, we also have a herd of organic beef cattle, a flock of sheep as well as the farm pig, Blodwen!

One of the big jobs of the summer months is getting the silage in and making hay while the sun shines. This is when fresh grass is mowed and preserved for the cows to eat over the winter. Our first and second cuts of silage have been done so the winter fodder supplies are now building up. Jim and our MB Trac Tractor are two Ffosyficer stalwarts. You can see them here teaming up to rake the hay – combined age of over 100 years and still going strong!

It’s not all about cows here! With warm weather finally upon us, it was time for shearing day on the farm with our flock of sheep being treated to a haircut. It’s important to shear sheep not only to prevent them from overheating but to also prevent dirt from getting trapped in the wool which may lead to attracting flies, maggots and other pests.

For us at Daioni Organic, the organic way of farming is more than just our cows. It’s also what’s good for the planet too. Organic farming works with nature, using natural techniques resulting in plant, insect and bird life being 50% more abundant on organic farms, on average. Cornelia Harris went on a hunt to see how many species she could find on our farm. Let us know if you can name any!