Organic Facts Friday #1

Aug 2, 2019 | Blog

Here at Daioni Organic, we pride ourselves on the quality of our organic, free-range dairy products. We want to shout about organic farming and the goodness it brings, so we are starting Organic Facts Friday where we will be filling you in on the many benefits of organic food and farming.

First up, we’d like to show you our luscious fields that our cows graze on. Our cows are fed a GM-free diet with a minimum of 60% coming from our clover-rich pastures where only natural fertilisers have been used. We feed our cows goodness to get the Daioni Organic goodness in our milk!

Stockmanship also has an important part to play in organic farming. No other system of farming has higher welfare standards than organic farms working towards Soil Association certification. The standards rigorously protect all aspects of animal wellbeing – rearing, feeding, shelter and more.

At Daioni Organic, we’re dedicated to the highest standards of animal welfare, all because we know that what’s good for our cows, is good for your milk. We’re proud to call ourselves dairy farmers!