Our Milestones


Bill and Nancy Harris moved from Oak Farm, Devon, to their new farm – Ffosyficer, Pembrokeshire, Wales – which they run for 35 years


Bill and Nancy gave birth to their son, Laurence Harris


Laurence Harris returned home to a 120-acre Ffosyficer family farm to run the business


Laurence purchased the adjacent 90-acre farm

1975 - 1998

Laurence’s family has grown, now with three children. The farming business also continued to grow and expand to over 1,400 acres through new purchases of land and farm rentals


With the return of Laurence’s oldest son, Tom, to the farm, a joint decision was made to commence organic conversion


Daioni Organic was established to sell organic fresh milk directly to consumers through the acquisition of a local milk round. This marked a strategic decision to move from solely milk production, to include sales and distribution of milk


Daioni Organic flavoured organic milk drinks were developed and launched to the United Kingdom market. Quickly established as a favourite amongst schools throughout Wales, the flavoured organic milk drinks were taken up by the top specialist wholesalers in Britain and are now available throughout the country in health shops, farm shops and delicatessens


Laurence was named runner up in the BBC Radio 4 Farmer of the Year Awards


Daioni Organic flavoured organic milk drinks were exported to overseas markets for the first time


Daioni Organic became the first British dairy company to gain organic certification in Mainland China and commenced export to the Chinese market

Daioni Organic products were listed with Waitrose in Wales


Daioni Organic opened its Hong Kong office in order to focus on Asia-Pacific sales


Daioni Organic set up an office in Shanghai to focus marketing and sales in China. Daioni Organic flavoured milk products are shortlisted as ‘Top 10 Finalists’ in BOOM (BEST OF ORGANIC MARKET) awards.