Tips to Switch to Organic

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog

Here at Daioni Organic, we are passionate about organic food and farming. Our nutritious and delicious organic products are good for you, good for our environment and good for our communities. We believe organic should be widely accessible, that’s why we try to make our products as affordable as possible without compromise on taste, quality or the environment. We are on a mission to grow sustainable, organic communities to educate families on nutrition and sustainable farming practises.

You may have read our post on what organic means and discovered the countless benefits to an organic lifestyle. Are you keen to make the organic switch and have no idea where to start? Keep reading as we give you our handy guide on our hints and tips on how to switch to organic.

1. Look for the logos!
The key to knowing if a product is organic is to check for organic certification trademarks. There are many to be found globally but the most common in the UK is from the Soil Association, the leading organic certification body in the UK. All Daioni Organic farms and products are certified organic by the Soil Association and carry this trademark.

2. Start small
Start by switching just one food in your diet. This can help you get used to buying organic and just one small swap can help to make a big difference globally. Imagine if everyone switched?! Did you know that if all farms in the UK were converted to organic, it would be the equivalent of taking one million cars in the road!

3. Think about your health
Start by switching the food group that will make the most difference to you. For example, switching to organic dairy and meat products can provide you with more omega-3 in your diet. Or try switching the products that are most likely to be contaminated with pesticides, such as apples, strawberries, potatoes and spinach.

4. Shop local
Discover your local producers, there are many organic producers selling their produce in food box deliveries. You can also check out Abel & Cole who are exclusively organic and deliver nationwide in the UK. You can buy Daioni Organic online here.

5. Shop smart
Look out for the discounts! Supermarkets will always have a multi-buy offer on. Look out for the organic products and buy in bulk when they are on offer. Many shops will also reduce prices at the end of the day on any fresh produce they have left so try shopping at the end of the day and you might just pick up a bargain!

6. Meal plan
Just by planning your meals ahead of your food shop, you might find you end up saving a little which will give you extra budget to shop organic.

7. Buy in bulk
Try out buying in bulk for your store cupboard essentials. If you buy in big enough quantities, some shops might well offer you a discount. Local wholesalers are also a good place to visit. Their minimum order quantities can often be high but why not team up with some friends and split the food and cost between you?

8. Get adventurous in the kitchen
What better to way to make the most out of your delicious organic produce than trying out a new recipe. Why not go the whole hog and get a new cookbook to ramp up those skills in the kitchen?

9. Read up on organic
There are many advocates of organic out there who are singing its praises. Besides ourselves (check out our Instagram), a few of our favourites are for some organic food and farming inspiration are @thewholefooddiary @soilassociation @organicuk @lavenderandlovage @abelandcole @planetorganic.

10. Grow your own!
You might be surprised to find out how easy it can be to grow your own produce. Get the whole family involved and get green fingered! We recommend starting with some potatoes, strawberries, or chillies as these are fairly low maintenance. Even if you don’t have a garden, growing herbs are a great way to grow your own with the limited space you have. Herb seeds or plants are widely accessible and all you need is a few pots and a sunny windowsill to watch them grow. Great fun and you might save a pound or two!

If you’d like to start shopping organic today then choose Daioni Organic – you won’t regret it. Give one of our tips a go and let us know how you get on. Remember small swaps make a big difference!