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Where does Daioni Organic come from?

Daioni Organic is an award-winning organic dairy brand, a family owned business based out of Ffosyficer farm in the picturesque West Welsh countryside in Pembrokeshire, in the United Kingdom

Who founded Daioni Organic?

The business was founded by Laurence Harris, who has been a dairy farmer for over 40 years. Laurence took over his parents’ 150-acre farm in 1970 and expanded it to over 3,000 acres of fertile pasture. In 1999, the farm was converted to organic production. Since then, Laurence and his team have continued to add value to their premium quality dairy produce culminating in the launch of the Daioni Organic brand.

Is Daioni Organic a family business?

Yes, Daioni Organic is a family business. It was founded by Laurence Harris and his two sons are now involved in the business. In the UK, Laurence’s eldest son Tom manages the day-to- day operations on Ffosyficer farm. Ben, his younger son is spearheading the Asia business.

Does all Daioni Organic milk come from the family farm?

Daioni products are all made from organic milk produced by our own farms and other British farms registered with the UK Soil Association – to ensure a steady supply of quality organic milk. The Soil Association is one of the largest organic certification bodies in the United Kingdom and is regulated by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

If milk comes from many different farms, how do you ensure the same quality in your product?

detailed audits by the Soil Association to ensure they comply with strict regulations.
The Soil Association is one of the largest organic certification bodies in the United Kingdom and is regulated by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The Soil Association’s organic standards are the world’s first published organic standards and far exceed the minimum requirements set by EU law. No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than organic farms working to the Soil Associations standards. The Soil Association carries out detailed annual
audits of all farm registered with it to ensure stringent compliance with its organic standards.

Are Daioni Organic products suitable for children and toddlers?

Daioni Organic milk is free from preservatives and artificial flavourings, therefore suitable for all toddlers and children. Under medical advice, we suggest our plain organic whole milk for all babies/toddlers; semi-skimmed and other flavoured organic milk for toddlers over 1 year old.

Does Daioni Organic inject cows with hormones?
Are Daioni Organic Cows fed Genetically Modified feeds?

No, under organic standards GM ingredients are strictly prohibited. Organic cows have 100% organic diet which is mainly grass-based and free of artificial chemicals and fertilisers.

Are Daioni Organic cows free range?
Does Daioni Organic inject cows with antibiotics?

We do not routinely inject our cows with antibiotics as is sometimes the practice in intensive farming. Routine antibiotic injection is banned under organic standards and the only time antibiotics are used are if a cow becomes ill or has an injury that cannot be effectively treated with natural medicine. In that instance, the cow being treated would be separated from the herd to undergo treatment and milked separately until she has recovered and all traces of antibiotics have left her system and she can re-join the herd.

Does Daioni Organic use fertilisers and pesticides?
Are Daioni Organic flavoured milk drinks gluten free?

Yes! So, you can enjoy our Strawberry, chocolate and banana flavoured milk even if you are celiac or gluten intolerant. Our Fresh milk and cream, and long-life milk are also gluten free.

Are Daioni Organic Flavoured milk drinks artificially flavoured or coloured?
Are Daioni Organic Flavoured Milk drinks healthy?

Our milk drinks were designed to be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and have been schools approved in the UK. This means that we make our flavoured milk as healthy as possible- no artificial colours or preservatives, only naturally derived flavours, low fat (made with semi-skimmed organic milk) and less than 5% sugar. Even better, of the sugar present less than half is added organic cane sugar and the rest is natural sugar already present in milk!

What is Long-Life/ UHT milk?
Does Daioni Organic Long-Life milk contain preservatives?

Our Long -life milk has been Ultra Heat Treated. This extends the shelf life without the use of preservatives until the bottle is opened at which point it must be treated as fresh milk, refrigerated and used within three days.

What is organic milk and how is it different to conventional milk?